Breaking news for students coming to study English in England with Concorde International!

From 10 January, the Minister of State for Immigration has agreed to extend the length of stay for student visitor visas from 6 to 11 months with no increase in visa fee.

You can apply for a Student Visitor Visa (SVV) for Concorde International:

  • if your course at Concorde International is eleven months or less
  • no work is permitted nor a course-related work placement
  • if you do not wish to extend your stay in the UK
  • English enrollment from Elementary level at Concorde International
  • You will need to obtain Entry Clearance at a British mission overseas in advance of your travel
  • You will need to provide financial evidence showing you can support yourself for the duration of the course

Full details will be available soon on the UKBA website

Published by: Concorde International

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