Be Prepared for Higher Education with Pre-University Courses

With the competition to get a place at a good university getting even harder, it is essential that foreign students do everything they can to make sure they are prepared.

A recent report revealed that many UK students lack the confidence to apply to the good universities, particularly if they are from state schools. So confidence may be an even greater issue for non-native English speakers.

Belief in your ability is important if you are going to make the grade but also get a place at your desired university. Often an issue that stops bright students getting where they want is the language barrier.

pre-university english course

Non-native English speakers often want to go to university in the UK because of the quality of our institutions, however often their English language skills and lack of confidence hold them back.

This is where a University Access Course run by Concorde International can help. This is not just an English course but is tailored to the specific requirements of those looking to secure a place at a British university.

As well as offering general English language improvement, the access course provides training in the academic and research skills the students need for higher education.

Our aim is to ensure, “that students are fully prepared, both linguistically and psychologically, for entry onto an Undergraduate or Masters programme in England and that they are therefore in a position to obtain maximum benefit from their studies.”

We also offer a pre-university course specifically for business students. Our University Foundation Course in Business Management provides the training needed to successfully gain a place on a business course at one of our partner universities.

So whether you are looking to gain a place on an undergraduate or postgraduate course, our pathway to university courses will equip you with the skills you need to ensure you get where you want to be.

We even have some pre-university scholarships available currently for our University Access Course. For more information on our choice of courses browse our website today or call 0044 1227 451035.

Published by: Concorde International

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