Learn English in a Group of Six

If you are trying to learn a new language, sometimes the best way of doing it is to learn in groups.

Many students find that the smaller the group they are in the more they learn, as they will get more individual attention from their tutor.

Often language schools teach students in larger groups. However, some language schools offer smaller groups to aid learning.

Concorde International offer English language learning in smaller groups. Popular with many students, these Group Six English Courses provide an intense learning environment.

The Groups Six course covers general English or Business English and provides intensive learning for pre-intermediate to advanced level learners.

Learning languages in smaller groups is particularly useful for beginners because they can spend more time with their teacher, going through things and asking questions if they need to.

Smaller groups can also be better for those who are at an intermediate or even higher level of learning. This is because smaller classes can often provide more intense learning and concentration is better because there is less distraction.

In a group of six learners or under, participants also have the chance to directly interact with each member of their group and learn from each other. This can be better than one-to-one learning because pupils can practice speaking English with each other.

All types of language learning can be facilitated in a small group. Activities can include speaking, listening, reading and writing. All these learning methods help to extend vocabulary and improve pronunciation.

So those looking to get the most out of an English Language course in the UK should consider a smaller course, like the Group Six Course at Concorde, where you get the attention you need and are able to practice your skills with a select few.

For more information about Concorde International’s Intensive Group Six courses browse our website. We also offer a wide range of other English language courses for adults and young learners, call 0044 1227 451035 to find out more.

Published by: Concorde International

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