Creative English Courses at Concorde

English Language courses at Concorde International follow a fun and creative learning structure, so that students can really engage with the British Culture in order to help them learn.

We use task-based learning techniques so that our students are actually using the English language to carry out an activity that is of interest in itself. For example, when teaching the comparative and superlative forms, students write poems and song lyrics using these different grammar structures in each line.

They also carry out surveys, make leaflets, plus prepare itineraries for tours of their regions and so on. Using the different grammar structures for these tasks shows them how the English Language can be used in everyday life.

We teach all our students in this way, from beginners and intermediate right through to advanced learners. Our experienced English Language teachers take the time to make the classes fun and accessible for all students.

We also try to explore the variety of cultural backgrounds our students come from by exchanging information about their different customs as well as introducing them to British traditions, such as Remembrance Day or Guy Fawkes Night.

For instance around Remembrance Day we looked at Poppy poems. The World Wars are a subject that is multicultural, because so many countries were affected. Therefore using this subject creatively helps students explore how British culture relates to and has things in common with other cultures around the world.

This common interest in the subjects we study helps bring classes together. Our approach contributes to rapid learning and sharing of ideas, ensuring students make friends and have fun as well as gaining an understanding of the practical use of English.

To find out more about our creative English courses contact Concorde and browse our website for more information on our range of top quality English Language courses.

Published by: Concorde International

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