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Residential Accommodation Homestay Accommodation General Information

What to Bring To The Summer School

  • Travel documents (Passport or National ID)
  • Money in GBP £ - try to bring £5 and £10 notes
  • Medication (enough for your whole stay)
  • Clothes and shoes for inside and outside
  • Coat, waterproof jacket, hat, umbrella
  • Dressing gown, slippers, pyjamas
  • Swimwear & sports clothes (outdoor and indoor)
  • Towel for swimming and sport
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo...)
  • Bag for school books
  • Dictionary, pens and other things for class
  • Please ensure you have private travel insurance


Please let us know if you have any allergies or special dietary needs. If you feel ill, tell your Group Leader, teacher or an Activity Leader immediately. Please tell us if your medication needs to be refrigerated.


Put your name in your clothes; do not bring very expensive items of clothing, jewellery, or equipment such as laptops and games consoles. Concorde International can not be held responsible in any way for any loss or damage to personal items.

Pocket Money

Concorde International fees include all tuition costs, activities, excursions, entry tickets and full board accommodation. For your personal money, we recommend about £50 per week, or perhaps a little more for students who like shopping! Pocket money can be kept safe by Concorde.


On the first morning, you will have a language test so you can be placed in the appropriate class for your level. You then have a welcome class. Classes are held from 9.00 to 12.30 with a break from 10.30 to 11.00. There are also two afternoon classes per week.

Books and Other Materials

Course materials will be given to you in class. You will also be given a Concorde International folder, map and handbook.

You will be given a Concorde International ID badge, which you must wear at all times.

Activity Programme

You will be given a timetable that will show you what you will be doing each day. Please read this, and the notice boards, every day. If you are not sure what you should be doing please ask a teacher or an Activity Leader.

Here is an example of a typical junior English summer school timetable.


Concorde staff are responsible for your welfare and discipline. They will check you have settled in and will help you if you have problems.

Accommodation Specific Information

Junior Summer Schools Homestay Accommodation

Hosts have been selected because they offer clean, comfortable, welcoming homes and friendly hospitality. Please be punctual for your meals and let your host know if you are going out with friends.

You will usually share a bedroom with a student of a different nationality. Please make your own bed and keep your room tidy. It is not possible to return to your Homestay during the day, or until 5.00pm after school.

Arrival Day

When you arrive, you will meet the Homestay Organiser, who will make sure you get to your new home. If you have a problem, please call the Homestay Organiser. Their phone number will be on your Concorde ID badge, which you should wear all the time.

If you are making your own way to your Homestay, you must contact them, or Concorde, with your arrival details to make sure there is somebody at home when you arrive. Your parents may phone the Homestay to make sure you have arrived safely.

On your first morning at school, you must show your Passport/ID to the Centre Director.


You will have breakfast and dinner at home. Your host will give you a packed lunch to take to school or on excursions. In some centres you can have lunch in school if you book it. The food will be different but you will enjoy it if you keep an open mind!

Linen and Laundry

Your host will provide you with bed linen (such as sheets and pillow cases), and a towel for use in the home. They may be happy to add some of your clothes to the family wash. They will talk to you about this when you arrive.


Do not use your host’s telephone without permission. You must pay for all your calls, or make ‘reverse charge’ calls.

Junior Summer Schools Residential Accommodation

Students need to respect the rules of the residence. We have rules so that we can manage the school properly and make it a safe and secure place for everybody. Students should respect other students’ property and should respect the customs and traditions of students from other countries.

Here are some of the school rules:

  • No smoking anywhere in the building
  • Students cannot change their rooms without permission from the Centre Director
  • Fire alarms are only for when there is a fire - students will have to pay if they set off a fire alarm when there is not a fire.
  • Students may only enter rooms used by Concorde International
  • Students should not make a lot of noise
  • Students must be in their rooms by 10.00pm
  • Concorde staff can check a room if a student is suspected of stealing from other students, or from Concorde staff or from the school. Staff can also take away items that are disruptive or dangerous, or that might threaten the safety or reputation of other students or staff members.

Arrival Day

When you arrive at school go to the Concorde International office where you will meet the Centre Director, who will show you to your room. If you are making your own travel arrangements, please contact Concorde International with the exact arrival details. You must show your Passport/ID to the Centre Director to prove your identity.

Students should arrive before dinner, which begins at 18.00, and should phone their parents to let them know they arrived safely. Concorde staff will help them.

Students arriving late may not get their preferred room, and may need to change rooms more than once.

In some centres students share a room. Students should make their bed each morning and keep their room tidy. Concorde staff are on duty at all times.


Students are responsible for paying for any damage they cause in the school and residential accommodation. This will be charged on departure.

Examples of charges are: fire extinguishers £60; fire alarm set off £80; lost key £15-£40 depending on centre; charge for graffiti/malicious damage depends on the damage.


All meals are taken in the school dining room. They are self-service and there is a choice of meals. Meal times are usually as follows:

  • Breakfast 07.30
  • Lunch 12.30
  • Dinner 18.00

Linen and Laundry

A laundry service is provided every week. Some centres have self-service laundry. Group Leaders and Concorde staff will be able to help you.

Sports and Facilities

The schools have good sports facilities. If there is a swimming pool it can only be used when there is a member of Concorde staff present.

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