Canterbury High School

  • 2nd July to 23rd July 2017, Sunday Arrivals
  • For students aged 12-16, Minimum English level A2-B1. 
  • Homestay
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Buddy Programme

Our Buddy Programme offers your students a fantastic opportunity to experience life in a British state school, attending regular classes (such as science, history or maths) alongside a ‘Buddy’ with whom they share the school day; classes, lunch and break times, sports afternoons and any extra-curricular activities.

  • Fully integrated programme in English state school
  • Each student has a buddy to show them around and introduce them to friends
  • Excellent cultural opportunity for high school children
  • Students stay with our specially selected Homestay


Canterbury English Summer School

  • Located in a safe residential area
  • 15 minutes walk to the city centre
  • Easy access to London and other destinations

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Canterbury English Summer School

  • Homestay only in Canterbury
  • Hot lunch at school included in the course fees
  • Most students will need a local bus pass to go to and from school each day
  • 25 beds in homestay organised by our dedicated and experienced Homestay Organisers

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  • Canterbury English Summer SchoolThe buildings are spacious and bright with excellent learning facilities.
  • There are excellent sports facilities on site, including a large sports hall, gym and Olympic running track.
  • Classrooms and teaching facilities each with a whiteboard, CD/DVD players and TV
  • Safe and secure school campus for over 2000 children
  • Ideal for individual students and groups

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Academic Programme

  • Canterbury English Summer SchoolStudents participate in all lessons including Maths, Geography, History, PHSE, English, Modern Foreign Languages, Sports, Art, Drama and Sciences.
  • There are no EFL lessons included in this programme- students must be able to understand and participate in classes. Minimum English Level CEF A2/B1 (Pre-Intermediate) required.

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Activities & Excursions

  • Canterbury English Summer SchoolSome activities + excursions with Canterbury Study Centre
  • 1 half day excursions + 1 full day excursion per week

Example Summer School Programmes

Please note these are subject to change and are supplied only as examples.

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