Business English Courses

Our Business English courses are for professionals, managers and students who either already use English in their work or wish to improve their career prospects by developing further their English language skills. The minimum age required for these courses is 21.

Course Elements

Course elements of Business English include:

  • Telephoning, letter and report writing
  • Extracting general/specific information
  • Distinguishing between main and subsidiary information
  • Interpreting graphs and charts and diagrams
  • Negotiating and participating effectively in meetings and seminars
  • Preparing for presentations (which may be videoed and analysed)
  • Discussing international business news and current affairs

Business Combination Options

(All at 15 hours)

Year Round

General English
General English (10 hours)
One-to-One (10 - 15 hours)
Intensive Business English (15 hours)
IELTS (10 hours)
Summer General English
Group 4

General English (10 hours)
One-to-One (10 - 15 hours)
Group 4 (10 hours)
Intensive Business English (15 hours)
IELTS (10 hours)

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  • Beginners to Advanced level
  • 10,15, 25 or 30 hours per week

The timetable is arranged at your discretion and will be focused around your specific needs. Clients often choose this course if maximum progress must be made in a short time.

Summer Group 4 Course

  • Pre-Intermediate to Advanced levels
  • This course offers 15 or 25 hours of classes per week for adults aged 21+. An intensive modular programme with starting dates every Monday in the summer only.
  • The course syllabus is designed to meet students' specific needs. It includes practice in speaking, listening, reading and writing, extending your vocabulary and helping you to improve your pronunciation.

Combination Options

  • Pre-Intermediate to Advanced level

To provide you with the advanced opportunity to focus on your individual needs as well as communicating in a group

  • General + Intensive English course (Pre-Intermediate to Advanced Level)
  • General + One-to-One (Beginner to Advanced Level)
PRICE (per week)
Registration fee: £ 98 2017
G4 Intensive : General or Business English
Levels : Elementary to Advanced Minimum age: 21+ Group size: 4 students max
Can be combined with General English or One to One Master Class™
15 hours £460 per week
25 hours £764 per week
G4 : Cambridge BEC Vantage Exam Preparation
2-week programmes : 16 April – 30 April / 13 August – 27 August / 19 November – 3 December
25 hours £764 per week
One to One Master Class™
Additional One to One Master Class: General / ESP
£48 per hour
1 Hour = 60 minutes