Intensive Business English Courses for Professionals

Designed for adults aged 21+ who need to improve their language skills in the most effective way as quickly as possible.

Who is this for 21+ looking for a short, intensive course in General or Business English
Start Dates Any Monday
Duration Flexible booking, 1 week or more
Class Size One-to-One, Group 4 or combination of both
Hours/Week 15, 25 or 30 hours per week
Contents Course content created specifically for each class.

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Summer Group 4 Course

  • Pre-Intermediate to Advanced levels
  • This course offers 15 or 25 hours of classes per week for adults aged 21+. An intensive modular programme with starting dates every Monday in the summer only.
  • The course syllabus is designed to meet students' specific needs. it includes practice in speaking, listening, reading and writing, extending your vocabulary and helping you to improve your pronunciation.

One-To-One Individual Course

  • Beginner to Advanced levels
  • Just you and your teacher in this super-intensive English course which provides undivided attention to your individual needs.

Combination Course

  • Beginner to Advanced levels
  • Optimum choice of course where you combine the dynamics of two group classes:
    • General English x 15 hours, with 10 or 15 hours of one-to-one tuition
    • Summer Group 4, 15 or 25 hours General or Business English plus One-to-One tutorials
PRICE (per week)
Registration fee: £ 98 2017
G4 Intensive : General or Business English
Levels : Elementary to Advanced Minimum age: 21+ Group size: 4 students max
Can be combined with General English or One to One Master Class™
15 hours £460 per week
25 hours £764 per week
G4 : Cambridge BEC Vantage Exam Preparation
2-week programmes : 16 April – 30 April / 13 August – 27 August / 19 November – 3 December
25 hours £764 per week
One to One Master Class™
Additional One to One Master Class: General / ESP
£48 per hour
1 Hour = 60 minutes