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Argentinian Testimonials

"The teachers were nice and kind. There are a lot of nice historical buildings in Canterbury although it is a small city. My host family are kind and give me nice food. I can practise my English while speaking to my host family."

“I take the opportunity to thank you for your cooperation, the students loved it and so did the teachers. I appreciate the fact that the students were given the opportunity to go to Cambridge.”

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Chinese Testimonials

"Homestay is very good. People are friendly. I like the homestay very much, we are good friends now."

"I like that the school is near my accommodation. Teachers are very friendly and kind. I enjoy the classrooms and facilities."

"Everything is good. People here are very cute! There are good teachers and fun activities. The teachers are really nice, I like it."

"What I like best about the summer school is the colourful activities, the easy going teachers and the beautiful school building. The teachers are very lovely!"

"I like the many different activities. Everyone in the school is friendly."

"My best things were the school building, the nice toilets and the way of teaching."

"My host family are very good family, they’re always talk to me, nice foods and nice room, all of that’s considerably beautiful. I had stayed thoroughly enjoy my homestay."

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Russian Testimonials

"Hello Everybody!

I’m leaving my favourite Canterbury and Concorde International….and I can’t do it without a personal ‘Goodbye’ to the people who have been life a family for me for two months. Before I came here I couldn’t have imagined that I would find such caring people.

My first day at Concorde International began with a beautiful smile and a warm embrace from Anne Robinson. She like a caring Mummy always worries about all the students. At anytime everybody can ask her for help or advice and she solves all problems in the best way.

Then I met Gordon Powell. He is like a wise father who knows all the students personally and knows which kind of training programme is the best to offer them.
Thus, my business course was selected for me according to my requests.  I was really happy with my teachers: Claire Stirling and Anne Britton.

Claire is one of the best business trainers I have had in my life. She has great professional experience and shares it with the students in the easiest way for understanding.

Anne is a highly educated specialist in English with huge patience to students. She always gives the best examples and explanations of all language details.
Also I want say about the good organization of trips. I was able to see everything I wanted and to get happy memories.

And certainly it is necessary to note the perfect organisation of the Halloween and Christmas parties. It was my dream to celebrate traditional English holidays in England. And Vanessa Johnson - the main creator of these parties, spent a lot of time and soul to let us feel a holiday spirit. All students were really happy!

Unfortunately I can’t list all the staff of the school in my letter. But I’d like to say “thank you!” to all of them for their everyday smiles and the kind atmosphere.

With love and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!
Olesya Lavrova"

"I like everything about the summer school!"

"Everything is very good."

"We would like to thank you for the cooperation you kindly provided us with during the summer 2012. One more summer session passed and we are grateful for the patience and help you supported us and our students with. It is a great trust to deal with children, to be responsible not only for the lessons and entertainment, but for the life and well being of the students. We are happy that whenever problems happened they were always settled and the students together with their parents enjoyed the trips. Thank you once again for responsible attitude towards our work and constant help."

"This year Concorde International is going to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Congratulations! I think the secret of success of this amazing language centre roots largely in wise and flexible guidance of its director, Colin Stone, and efficient management of his team. Concordians are skilled professionals; the programmes they offer are always practical and up-to-date and above all they are ever caring and understanding. Besides, the very place is a powerful stimulus for gaining language and cultural awareness – Canterbury’s historical background is difficult to underestimate. In the language centre students are heartily welcomed and outside classrooms they are plunged into the unique atmosphere one of the most charming cities in England. Those factors combined attract groups from Russia for language training and account for about 15 years of our fruitful collaboration. Still I hope it is only a beginning…"

"I'd like to thank you again for an unforgettable trip to the UK this summer. We would like to continue our cooperation with you next year as the children were happy!”

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Italian Testimonials

"My favourite things are the multi varied cultures here. We have a very good relationship with the teachers."

"The teachers and activity leaders are the best because they are so friendly."

"I like the general organisation and the excursions. I like the fact that at this school there are students from everywhere and that, with the help of the teachers and the activity leaders, they stay together without showing racism."

"Marilisa will be leaving Canterbury at the end of this week after a marvellous experience at Concorde and with the loving care of Mr and Mrs M. She is 1000% satisfied with the whole experience and the word is spreading around here. People are lining up for next year, so well done to all!"

"Today was the last day for our group in Canterbury. We were in contact with the group leader Franco Rigoni for the whole time and our students' experience has been exceptional. We really appreciate your work and I am sure that we will have the opportunity to work with you again in the future."

"My name is Tommaso and I am 11 years old. Last summer I attended an English language course at the Canterbury Study Centre. At the start I was a bit concerned because all the other students in the class were foreigners...then thanks to the classes and activities I felt more comfortable. I really enjoyed the classes, and also having lunch all together at the park. Unfortunately I missed the last day because I was ill and could not say goodbye to my friends. The school sent me my certificate and some nice gadgets, this made me very happy. Last year I only did one week, but next summer I would like to come back for a two weeks course and do all the activities!"

"I enjoyed studying to Concorde School and for me it’s always a great pleasure to follow the language training in Canterbury. This is my second experience in Concorde School and I hope isn’t the last! All the staff are truly professional and the progress is sure and fast. I appreciated the high level of involvement of the trainers, fully focused on the student objectives. The environment is helpful for learning English and Canterbury is a very beautiful historical town. The home stay is really helpful for developing a contact with native English people and the host family are very nice."

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience of our students in Worcester last summer. Students and teachers enjoyed the experience and wish you a year of happiness and success!”

“Our group from Royal school from London came back today, I went to the airport to greet them. They are all very satisfied.”

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French Testimonials

"I enjoy being with people from other countries, and the ambience and diversity of cultures. I liked when we went to the beach. It is very good organisation, I like it!"

"There are so many activities we can't be bored! In addition the activities are very diversified and fun. The relaxed atmosphere is what I like best about the summer school."

"I have met some very good friends. There are good teachers too."

"The teachers are cooler than in my school. They explain better and listen to the students. We are different nationalities so we have to speak in English and I think that's really good. I liked meeting people from other countries. It's a really good experience to talk with those students."

"The excursions to Cambridge and Leeds castle were great and well-organized. I thought that general organization was brilliant; the communication was great and the staff are very efficient and lovely."

"There’s a very good atmosphere here, everybody is kind and friendly. Teaching is good also, your teacher helps you to feel relaxed, so you can’t be shy!"

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Spanish Testimonials

"The people here and the teachers are very good. I like the activities that mixed people from different nationalities."

"I like the possibility to stay with people from other countries. I've been really happy with my host family, they have helped me a lot with my English and been really kind to me. I like the school garden and the arts and crafts."

"I made a lot of new friends. The activity leaders are really nice. I like the teachers because they are all very friendly."

"This year has been perfect and I am very happy. Everything is well organized in advance. Thank you so much for your help!"

"The best thing about my time here was when I went to my host family son’s Junior Schools Christmas Party, I saw children singing. I ate mince pies and mulled wine. I think it was very special, especially some food!"

“The students enjoyed it and learned a lot.”

“Karen, the homestay manager, was spectacular. I don´t have words enough to explain how she is. A treasure. Excellent, too, for mixing nationalities.”

“Rachel’s (Broadstairs’ Host Family Organiser) families are great”

"This has been our second year,and it couldn’t have been better. After the awesome experience we had in July 2014, the school and its students managed to surprise us once again.

Everyone was very welcoming and all the kids showed their interest and excitement in learning about other cultures and people from abroadThe buddies were outstanding, carefully selected by the department, were lovely and funny and willing to share their daily routine with unknown kids…

It is by far the best place I ever have had the pleasure to do it. Thank you very much for your very hard work. I’m really looking forward to coming back next year."Álvaro

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Croatian Testimonials

"My favourite things were nights at home and my host family."

"Everything was just brilliant - thank you for that!"

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Greek Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of living the Concorde International experience twice in my life - both were amazing, and so magical. I just had to tell you that you are doing a great job and keep up the good work. I truly thank you!"

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Korean Testimonials

"I just spent first week of work. It was so nice and wonderful experience for me. For many things I want to say thank you to you. I’m sure that I’m in the British Museum because of your help. Thanks so much. Even if I am in work experience, I’ll keep studying English by myself!"

"Canterbury is a very good place for studies! It’s not as big as London but you have everything you need! There is a lot of students in Canterbury, that’s why it’s a very young city."

"Teachers – I would say that they are very nice and lovely people. I stayed here only for one week but the teachers and classmates made me feel like I had been here for months. Canterbury – is a very beautiful city. It’s small but there are a lot of things to do. You can go shopping, to the theatre, to the museum, to the cathedral etc. People - are very kind and polite. It was only one week but very intensive."

"The best thing, I can meet a lot of different nationalities and people. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with them."

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Japanese Testimonials

"The teaching is interesting, as well as learning English I can learn teaching. I have learnt effective teaching. Canterbury is a small city, but I think here is convenient to live. The host families are good. I like my host family, I’m satisfied."

"I went shopping too much! When I’ve had time, I’ve been to London, and I prepared for a marathon in Canterbury."

“All of our students and teachers are happy and satisfied with their stay! Thanks to all the staff at Concorde!”

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German Testimonials

"Dear Lovely Teacher “Jane” - you already know, I love you. If my English is improving, I owe this improvement to you. Thank you very much , have a nice holiday and I will see you new year!"

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