Concorde International Policies

Health And Safety Advice

Concorde takes great care to ensure the health and safety of all students. Our experienced Welfare Officers are available and able too assist with any problems, and advise how medical issues are handled in the UK.

Concorde also has a number of staff who can speak to students in their own language if an issue is difficult to explain in English. Current staff speak Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, French.

Students with SEND/mental and physical issues

Concorde is a small, friendly school and we are experts at helping students who are anxious at being abroad for the first time. However, we do not have the facilities or staff to accept students with significant mental or physical impairments. Please ask us before booking and we will assist in every way we can.

School Statement on Child Protection and Safeguarding issues

This Statement relates to young learners under 18 enrolled on any Concorde International programme.

In accordance with British Council and English UK regulations, Concorde International complies fully with the recommendations and guidelines to ensure the safety of children in our care during their school programme. We are a member of Young Learners English UK who continually evaluate and improve safety, welfare and child safeguarding provision for students under our care.

We have implemented the necessary measures to meet regulations and the children’s right to a safe and secure environment.

There are two designated fulltime Child Protection Officers who oversee our Safer Recruitment policies and ongoing training of all personnel at each of our schools.

All personnel who have significant contact with children will be in possession of a Government DBS (formerly CRB or Police) check and been made aware of the Government Child Protection measures; this includes all centre staff, teachers, welfare officers, Homestay providers and transportation personnel.

Concorde International undertakes regular checks to update and maintain existing records, including all providers of Homestay accommodation who adhere to the safety regulations concerning Gas Safe Certificates (GSIUR). All copies of relevant evidence and documents are held in secure storage.

There are existing procedures for the sharing in a timely way of information and matters of concern to qualified professionals.

Our full Child Protection Policy, reviewed each year, is available on request.

Discipline And Exclusions

Please check enrolment forms for details regarding unacceptable behaviour. Concorde does not tolerate abusive behaviour or bullying and students may be excluded or expelled should they be found to have behaved unacceptably.

Concorde is also legally obliged to report non-attending visa students to UKBA and the Home Office for poor attendance on courses.


If there is anything you are unhappy with please tell us – we cannot help you if we do not know about a problem. Your welcome pack will tell you which member of staff you should speak to depending on the nature of the problem. If you are not sure then your teachers will help you. We will make every effort to ensure that you are happy with all of our services.

In the unlikely event that a problem cannot be resolved then we will refer you to the English UK ombudsman. They are independent from Concorde and we have to accept their decision on any complaint.

Number of complaints referred to English UK since 2002: ZERO

Copies of inspection reports are available on request.